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Yeshiva High School

Students are afforded an intensive and extensive Jewish and secular educational background which supplies a broad exposure of meaningful knowledge and experience. We are located on the 92-acre Oakwood Campus, which includes a state of the art computer lab, science lab, gymnasium, and tennis courts.

Under the guidance of dynamic and dedicated Rabbeim, the Judaic Studies curriculum allows students to develop their skills in both Iyun and Bekius. Our Rabbeim are role models who concern themselves with the total development of their students. They influence, nurture, guide and mold students into true bnei Torah. With a focus on derech eretz and middos tovos, the curriculum also includes: Halacha, Chumash, Parshas Hashavua, Navi, Mussar, and Lashon.

Kollel Ateres Nochum Zev, our innovative school-based Kollel, is comprised of young scholars dedicated to immersing themselves in Torah in our school environment. The Kollel infuses an already strong Judaic program with a unique sense of spirit and vibrancy and provides on-site role models, study partners and mentors who open their home and hearts to our students. Night seder with the Kollel enhances the experience, as students study with mechanchim as their chavrusos.

Local and out-of-town Shabatonim, Melava Malkas and Motzei Shabbos trips, and overnight trips enhance the ruach of the high school.

A state chartered school, the Yeshiva High School offers a superior General Studies program based on Ohio’s Academic Standards. Under the direction of experienced, dynamic and veteran administrators and teachers, the students are provided with the tools and skills to excel in a serious learning environment. General Studies is an integral component of the Yeshiva High School experience. Courses are comprehensive, spanning 9th through 12th grade, and include English, United States History, United States Government, World History, Physical Science, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Environmental Science, Algebra II, Geometry, Integrated Mathematics, Pre-Calculus/Trigonometry, Computer Science, and Physical Education. Advanced Placement courses are offered based on interest and qualification.

The Yeshiva High School is located at 1516 Warrensville Center Road, Cleveland Heights, Ohio 44121.