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Give n’ Get


1.What is a Give ‘n Get obligation?

Give ‘n Get is a program designed to help you fulfill a portion of your tuition obligation without it being rolled into your regular tuition payments. Any combination of the two choices below can fulfill your Give ‘n Get:

a) You can choose to pay your Give n’ Get balance by donating to the following: Chinese auction sponsor, chinese auction tickets, scholarship campaign journal ad, and $10,000 raffle.

b) Volunteering

2. How much is my Give ‘n Get obligation?

Two or more children - $1000 or full volunteer fulfillment (see question 3 for further details)

One child enrolled in school - $500 or half volunteer fulfillment (see question 3 for further details)

3. What is volunteering worth?

We have project based volunteering which credits you according to project or event:

Full volunteer fulfillment = Chairing an event/Running part of an event (coordinating all aspects of an event for ex. running a fundraiser)

Half volunteer fulfillment = Committee member for an event/active member in preparation and event (committee member who helps arrange and plan parts of an event for ex. Prize committee for Chinese auction)

A fourth volunteer fulfillment = Errands and jobs/ Event Volunteer (showing up to event to man tables, clean up, set up, or pick up food or supplies…)

OR if you would like a per hour rate it is $15 per hour.

4. Why is the amount prorated 50 % this year? How much do I have to volunteer or donate?

Since the changes to Give ‘n Get were rolled out in February, the prorated amount for one child is $250 or 1/4 volunteer fulfillment

If you have two or more children enrolled the prorated amount is $500 or 1/2 volunteer fulfillment

5. Does the volunteering I did this year so far count? What about gift cards I bought this year?

Of course it counts! Any gift cards or volunteering done this year counts towards this year’s Give ‘n Get.

6. What about HAC dollars and gift cards? Are they coming back?

HAC dollars/gift cards will not be continued, but you can use any dollars you have left until June 1, 2019.

Please email Frida Bensoussan at bensoussanf@hac1.org with questions or comments.

Please check Chadashos weekly for PTA volunteer opportunities or sign up for volunteering at www.hac1.org