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Student Support Services

Student Support Services

 As the Hebrew Academy undertakes initiatives to grow and expand cutting-edge educational strategies, our special education and intervention professionals serve as hallmarks of what it means to be an educator, meeting the needs of all learners throughout the teaching day.  Standing up to 21st century standards, we are proud to provide a Student Support Services department which services students with Individual Educational Plans (IEP’s) as well as students who have been identified as needing short-term intervention services.  Our department includes outstanding interventionists and a team of specialists offering both pull-out and push-in services. We also offer behavior interventionists on site as well as four social workers and a school psychologist who trains and consults with staff, assesses individual learners, and helps with the IEP process. Speech pathology, occupational therapy, social skills and counseling support are available within our program.

Building upon our longstanding commitment to chanoch lanaar al pi darko, to educate each child according to his way, the Academy is a provider for the State of Ohio’s Jon Peterson Special Needs Scholarship and now directly facilitates the learning goals of students who have IEP’s.

In the Judaics Studies division, our staff of dedicated support professionals provide both kriah and general Judaic Studies assistance in grades K-6. Our special programs include pre-teaching, skill building, small group instruction, modified curriculum, individualized instruction, sensory breaks, behavioral incentive plans and much more to help the child succeed in the classroom. We utilize center-based instruction as well as Smart Board lessons in specific grades in the elementary school.

At Yavne High School, parallel Chumash classes are offered which provide students with an opportunity to enjoy Torah classes with a low student/teacher ratio. A Mechina program is offered to students new to Yavne who need a more foundational experience in Judaic Studies. A Judaic Interventionist is also available to assist any students needing additional support. 

The Yavne General Studies department has an intervention specialist who coordinates with the teachers and the John Peterson Scholarship tutors to modify classwork and assessments.  She also provides tutoring sessions for students twice/week.  In addition we offer remedial math classes for students in grades 7-12 where the low student/teacher ratio provides students with the extra time and attention to help them master the mathematics curriculum.  

At our Oakwood campus, remedial rebbeim are available to tutor students who are in need of additional support in Judaic Studies. Support services, tutors and an intervention specialist are offered to students during the general studies portion of the day. In addition, a social worker is available to meet with students to help meet their social and emotional needs.


The Enrichment Coordinators in the elementary division act as teachers, mentors and curriculum experts while weaving content standards with high-level learning experiences to meet the needs of various learners via meaningful and engaging methods. Enrichment Coordinators work with classroom teachers in grade level teams to create in-depth lessons utilizing cross-curricular content standards to enhance the learning experience.

Small group enrichment is also emphasized at the Hebrew Academy. Enrichment Coordinators facilitate learning in small pull-out groups where high-level learning and inquisitive minds meet to enrich the learning experience for those ready for a challenge. In an effort to mold today's learners into tomorrow's future leaders, the student-centered groups offer an organic and robust learning experience through a hands-on approach of investigation and dialogue.

Additional Resources

The Yeshiva Ketana and the Junior High School at the Oakwood campus host and house Ohr Chadash, a recently established pilot track of self-contained classes for students who meet the criteria.

In addition, SEGULA partners with the Academy on all three campuses to provide educational opportunities to families who seek a Jewish day school education for their children with special needs.  With SEGULA’s support, students are provided one-on-one Instructional Aides in both Judaic and general studies classrooms.  These aides implement academic support strategies and help their students develop essential social skills. SEGULA’s Educational Coordinators collaborate with classroom teachers and school administrators to ensure that each SEGULA student’s learning needs are being met.  Educational Coordinators also attend annual IEP meetings, manage student IEP goals, and report current assessment data to help guide future learning goals.

SEGULA is a provider for the Ohio Department of Education’s Autism Scholarship and Jon Peterson Special Needs Scholarship.