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Girls Elementary - Shofar blow and edible art Featured Photo

Girls Elementary - Shofar blow and edible art

We were honored to have Mr. Jeff Zuckerman come and blow shofar for our first graders. Miss Libersohn and Miss Levin’s third grade did a hands on demonstration of edible art to help the girls visualize the difference between Yaakov and Eisav.
Yeshiva Ketana - Haschalas Gemara Featured Photo

Yeshiva Ketana - Haschalas Gemara

Haschalas Gemara is always an exciting time in the life of a talmid. Mazel tov to our fifth graders and their Rabbeim on this monumental milestone. May this be the beginning of many more milestones as they continue their journey to become talmidei chachamim!
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