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Midwest Robotics Tournament 2024 Featured Photo

Midwest Robotics Tournament 2024

Hebrew Academy of Cleveland hosted Midwest’s First Robotics Tournament this week and won first place! Sponsored by CIJE - Center ...
Daf A Day Siyum 2024 Featured Photo

Daf A Day Siyum 2024

As we prepared for the momentous siyum of the Daf-A-Day Mid-Winter Learning Program, the anticipation reached such a fever pitch...
Gedolim Fair 2024 Featured Photo

Gedolim Fair 2024

The 6th grade Gedolim Fair was held this past Sunday in wonderful fashion, as all the boys did a fabulous job. Each boy...
Chanukah Delights 2023 Featured Photo

Chanukah Delights 2023

The energy in the auditorium for the Academy’s Chanukah Delights this
week was incredible. The feedback from...
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HAC At a Glance

students1,412Students enrolled in the 2022-2023 school year

financialaid$4,536,520In scholarships awarded

Over 7,000 Alumni600 living in Israel

padres102New families in the last 2 years