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EdChoice Scholarship

First time applicant for the EdChoice Scholarship
Students who are currently receiving the EdChoice Scholarship.
To be completed by all EdChoice families who are below 200%
Please see page 2 to see qualification requirements.
The state requires that parent’s complete the state portal by submitting your income here https://education.ohio.gov/
* Until April 15, 2024, Families many still submit the 2022 1040 tax return.
* After April 15, 2024, families must submit their 2023 1040 tax return.
Please save and email completed forms to [email protected]
  • Please include a copy of your complete current utility bill.
  • New students will need to include a copy of their birth certificate.
New to the state students will need to send:
  • A copy of your child's most recent report card.
  • A copy of your out of state utility bill.
Please contact Sorah Esther Weimer with any questions:
216-382-3300 x 339
Please note - new students will need to complete a HAC application in addition to the EdChoice application.