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An Evening of Discovery

Last week, the Junior High boys held their first ever PBL night entitled:

"An Evening of Discovery." The goal was to enable students to

take pride in their work and show it to their parents. The room was

set up like a museum exhibit with different booths displaying different

"artifacts" from the era of The Age of Discovery through Early

Colonial America. Different subjects, such as Humanities, Woodworking,

Art and English, all had students create different artifacts

around this theme. There were trifolds advertising the benefits of a

certain colonial region,

bookshelves made in the style of woodworking

from that era, art pieces such as maps and clay

explorers, and journal entries, essays and short

stories which all delved into the same topic. The

students felt particularly proud of their work- and

in the words of one student: "I feel proud of what

I accomplished, and I'm glad my parents could

see it." Another student wrote: "Although it's

hard, if you push yourself you could do it!"