The Hebrew Academy Bigs and Littles Mentoring Program thoughtfully matches students with high school or young adult women in the community. The focus of the program is building relationships. With an eye towards shared interests and compatibility, the program finds and trains "Bigs" who can mentor and serve as role models to our “Littles”. The program received the State of Ohio Asset Builder Award in 2007.

Bigs and Littles get together throughout the year for individual sessions in the student’s home or nearby venues. Projects and small outings help the girls get to know each other and bond over shared activities. The Bigs and Littles Mentoring Program also hosts various events throughout the year, including a kick-off events, Chanukah and Purim parties, and an end-of-year closing event for the girls. Throughout the year, the program provides Bigs with small group training and one-on-one skill building.

For more information, or to volunteer as a Big, please email Mrs Gill Wolowitz at [email protected]