The Hebrew Academy of Cleveland offers an opportunity to perpetuate the names of loved ones on a beautiful memorial plaque prominently located in the school’s synagogue where hundreds of students pray each day. At the center of this impressive twenty-five foot board is a Sefer Torah that was rescued from the ashes of the Holocaust. The memorial plaques on each side list the names and yahrtzeits of the departed, both in Hebrew and in English.
You may also be interested in the following services offered by the school in memory of loved ones:
Yahrzeit Plaque $500.00
Kaddish and Mishnayos studies conducted on Yahrzeits $250.00
Daily Kaddish recited for loved one during the first year $250.00
To request a Kaddish or Yahrzeit service please fill out the form below. You can also click here or call (216)382-3300 Ext. 360 for more information.