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Chanukah Delights

Excitement was in the air when a capacity crowd overflowed the Auditorium for the Academy's Chanukah Delights evening. The Hebrew Academy Boys Choir, under the direction of Rabbi Shmuel Yaakov Mann, once again did a magnificent job. Many thanks to Mrs. Michal Malka and the volunteers: Mrs. Esti Reichman; Amy and Matt Smith; Sarah Dadush; Mrs. Naomi Gallor and children; Mrs. Chava Adler; Mrs. Michelle Bernstein; Shalva and Shmuely  Davidovich; Mrs. Alana Schwartz; Dr. Robyn Lovinger and Chanoch and Akiva Lov-inger for their tireless efforts in producing wonderful re-freshments, games and ac-tivities which were clearly enjoyed by all.