Yavne High School - Erev Yom Kipppur Yom Iyun

The Yavne High School girls are preparing for their annual Erev Yom Kipppur Yom Iyun which will take place on Monday. The theme for this program is עורו -- ישנים משנתכם Waking Up! Our guest speaker is Rabbi Yosef Koval. The girls will participate in a meaningful workshop led by Yavne staff members. The girls will be inspired by a multimedia presentation and our traditional kumzitz. In addition, they will be treated to a gourmet mini breakfast and a mini alarm memento to remind them of the message.
A special thank you to our student heads, Chana Friedman, Rivka Kysil, Miriam Nir, Malka Chaya Schwartz,
Batsheva Shyken and Avigail Stelzer, for all their hard work and efforts in preparing this special event under the
direction of Mrs. Shani Kohn.