Girls Elementary - Erev Shira Grades 4-6

The building pulsated with excitement and the achdus was tangible as grades 4-6 gathered together Thursday night at the Klein campus for our annual Erev Shira (Evening of Song). Under the talented direction of Mrs. Penina Sauber, each class presented a magnificent song with choreography, expanding on our theme, ayin tova. Of course, the beautiful aesthetics and tasty food added to this wonderful evening. A touching video with a message of hakaras hatov, created by Morah Faigy Zuckerman, was enjoyed by all.
Thank you to Mrs. Penina Sauber, Morah Faigy Zuckerman, Mrs. Rochi Kulefsky, Mrs. Malki Schwartz, Mrs. Sori Weinschneider and Mrs. Shira Schwarzmer for your unparalleled help!