Yeshiva Ketana - Daf a Day Siyum

Have you ever looked forward to an event with such tremendous anticipation that you are convinced the actual event cannot possibly match your heightened expectations; and then it does! It is rare indeed, yet, this is what occurred at our fourth annual Daf-a-Day Mid -Winter Program. As the boys counted down the days with the numbers posted on the hallway bulletin board, the day finally arrived, and what a celebration it was! The program was an incentive for Yeshiva Ketana and Junior High divisions.

To truly appreciate it, well, you had to be there. Nevertheless, we will try to sum it up as best we can in the space we are allotted. We began with a magnificent concert in the auditorium. Everyone joined together as the singing reached a crescendo, united with soaring emotions, each talmid proud of his wonderful accomplishments over Mid-Winter. What a performance, led by Rabbi A.Y. Nakdimon, and accompanied by Mr. Avi Lampert, Mr. Tzvi Turner, and our very own and beloved Rabbi S.Y. Mann. Nearly 100 prizes were hand-
ed out from the daily raffles over vacation, topped off with the grand prize for each division: a Shas and Chumash Mikraos Gedolos.

Everyone enjoyed a sumptuous seudah as they were regaled with a spellbinding story told by Rabbi Eli Newman after the siyum. Thank you, Mr. Yisrael Freilech, for preparing the meal (and for every day) and a deep expression of hakaras hatov to the mothers who came to help out. A special note of thanks to the ones who wish to remain anonymous, despite the fact that they worked tirelessly before, during, and after vacation to make this dream a reality. The magnificent ceremony concluded with leibideg dancing as the boys expressed their deep sense of pride for their accomplishments and the kiddush Sheim Shamyim we all witnessed together.
We are extremely proud of the fact that over 98% of the boys participated in the program and lived the lofty ideal that limud haTorah is the primary focus of our lives and we never let a day go by without it!
As the boys walked back to class afterwards, there was a noticeable smile on their faces, and a bounce in their step, fully aware that they had grown in ruchnius and had taken part in something quite unique. As one Rebbi so aptly expressed it: Thanks again! I will, bli neder, work with you to spread this idea to the rest of the country next year! Mazel tov and continued nachas, bezras Hashem!