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Yavne High School - Purim Gala

Yavne High School celebrated Purim night with a spectacular Purim Gala at Embassy Suites. Thank you to Mrs. Shani Kohn and our dedicated Chagiga heads –Sara Leeba Bloom, Yaeli Stelzer, Toby Garfinkel, Rachel Clements, Rivka Clements and Tehila Keller for the fantastic program, beautiful décor and delicious food. A special thank you to Rabbi Baum (and the minyan) for leining the megilla for us. A special thank to Mr. Yosef Aryeh Greenberger for the live music and lighting which added so much to the atmosphere. Yavne enjoyed a gourmet milchig buffet catered by Davis Caterers. In connection with our theme ימצא מי חיל אשת each grade presented their themed costume and explanation. Congratulation to the eleventh grade for winning the competition. Thank you to our dedicated staff members who came and participated on such a busy night.