Yavne High School - STEM WINNERS!

Yavne High School is proud to announce that our 9th grade STEM students have won two incredible awards from the Center for Initiatives in Jewish Education (CIJE) Innovation Day STEM Competition. On May 18, the students participated in a Zoom competition with other Bais Yaakov schools across the country, with one winner chosen. Yitty Cohen, Malky Gutman, and Aura Nahon took the prize for their invention, called D.O.F., a smoke alarm that not only emits a sound and a light but also opens a door when it senses smoke. On May 23rd, Devora Bernstein, Rina Bulua, Shira Katz, Michal Kutoff, Chayala Maimon and Rochella Strulowitz traveled to the American Dream Mall in New Jersey to compete with 36 other schools and 412 unique inventions. Yavne High School walked away with the First Place win in the Engineering for Children category for Rock-A Baby, a device our students created that hooks to a stroller and, using a noise sensor, begins to gently rock the stroller when a baby emits a cry. Beyond the win, the students were able to interact with girls from like-minded Bais Yaakov schools, see other inventions and become further inspired.
Every student in the STEM class is a winner! They all successfully completed the project and presented to a
panel of judges. In addition to learning the coding necessary to program the Arduino to react properly to
various stimuli, the students also needed to build a working prototype using TinkerCad and a 3D printer,
create an offline PowerPoint website to promote their product, and a display board explaining their process, flow chart, code, and research. It is a testament to the commitment of our school community, the administration, and the students to upholding our values and our mesora while also striving for high academic
achievement. Thank you to Mrs. Elene Feigenbaum for her perseverance, expertise and guidance throughout the year. Thank you to Miss Altose for her guidance, tips, and support of our STEM students in the classroom. Thank you also to Rabbi E. Dessler, Rabbi S. Dessler, and Mrs. Zelasko for their support and encouragement to provide this chance to let our girls shine! We invite parents and the community to view their presentations on June 6 at 7:30 pm in the Yavne auditorium.