Chanukah Delights 2023

The energy in the auditorium for the Academy’s Chanukah Delights this week was incredible. The feedback from the capacity crowd was amazing. After presenting a dvar Torah on Chanukah, Rabbi Dessler shared the story of thirteen year old Ariel Zohar who is the sole survivor from a family who tragically perished in Nachal Oz. Ariel became a Bar Mitzvah last week and donned his tefillin, a gift from his Holocaust survivor grandfather. Those tefillin which survived the Holocaust brought Ariel an abundance of comfort during a horrific time as he
connected to his ancestors at such a lonely time in such a meaningful way. Rabbi Dessler stated that it is a particularly sad story but one which exemplifies Am Yisrael Chai “ and tonight we bring additional light to
dispel the darkness and there is no greater expression of Am Yisrael Chai than watching our children sing the timeless words of faith, hope, inspiration, and appreciation lived by their ancestors.” The Kindergarten class of Morah Tehillah High and Morah Tehila Moskovitz; Rabbi Berkman’s second grade and Doniel Israeli on the clarinet; Mr. Meister’s Junior High guitar classes; and the Hebrew Academy Boys Choir under the direction of Rabbi Shmuel Yaakov Mann (and then joined by the guitar and clarinet accompaniment) inspired the charged audience. Refreshments, crafts, inflatables, photo booth, and so many smiles enhanced the evening. Thank you to Mrs. Yocheved Neeland, Mrs. Shira Stern, Mrs. Chana Bracha Abramson, Mrs. Michelle Bernstein, Mrs. Rivky Fertel, Mrs. Chana Garfinkel, Miss Rachelli Garfinkel, Mrs. Monica Goldstein, Mrs. Elisheva Hoffman, Mrs. Esther Keller, Mrs. Aliza Koval, Mrs. Rivky Silver and to our facilities, food services and IT departments for an amazing evening of celebration!