Midwest Robotics Tournament 2024

Where Human Ingenuity Meets Robotic Precision!
Hebrew Academy of Cleveland hosted Midwest’s First Robotics Tournament this week and won first place! Sponsored by The Center for initiatives in Jewish Education (CIJE), the Inaugural Robotics Competition was a wonderful learning opportunity for our 6th-8th grade students. Thank you to Mr. Shyken and Rabbi Tolchinsky for preparing the boys by teaching the engineering knowledge, problem solving strategies, team building skills and creating an exciting and engaging learning environment for our students to shine.
The process of preparing for the competition and completing our Robotics unit was impressive. The 6th-8th grade students began building robotic frames by following instructions, but ultimately re-engineered their design to optimize their robot for the specific challenge at hand. The demands of the competition paved the way for creative approaches to problem solving as well as the opportunity to hone essential soft skills: collaboration, strategic thinking, troubleshooting, agility and the ability to pivot seamlessly. Through this initiative, our students gained first-hand exposure to robotics, which is a conglomerate of three separate disciplines: electrical engineering, mechanical engineering and computer science. What an amazing opportunity!
Our overall programmatic goal remains to engage students with creative and meaningful outlets, to experience cuttingedge curriculum within our academic setting, and give students the tools and empowerment to “engineer” the future of Klal Yisrael.