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Yavne Hosts BY Convention

Yavne's staff and students are feverishly preparing a full schedule of inspiring and uplifting programs and entertainment for the weekend of Parshas Vayishlach. The convention runs from Thursday, November 30th through Sunday evening, December 3rd. The theme of the convention is Mashcheini Acharecha Nerutza, with a focus on practical ways to develop our connection with Hashem. We will explore this topic in a variety of interactive ways with the hope of strengthening our eternal bond with our Creator. 


The program begins with the delegates arriving at Yavne to our beautifully decorated building.  Personalized garment bags, sweatshirts and kits will be distributed to all attendees. The convention will feature a full line-up of inspiring speakers, including some world famous chinuch personalities. We will also be having a variety of multimedia presentations, panels, workshops and separate staff programming.  Our Yavne students will be performing live along with some mini presentations from other schools. The event will also feature an interactive chidon and an exciting trip. 


We appreciate the graciousness of the Cleveland community in hosting our delegates and chaperones and volunteering in whichever capacity is needed.


Our original musical comedy produced for the Bais Yaakov convention by Mrs. Abigail Rozen will be performed for the community at large on Monday evening. The convention will conclude with a grand catered banquet. This is a really special event where meaningful friendships are formed and lifelong lessons are learned.