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​Rabbi Simcha Dessler » Rabbi Simcha Dessler

Rabbi Simcha Dessler

Rabbi Simcha Dessler is Menahel/Educational Director of the Hebrew Academy of Cleveland and directs its multi-faceted programs. A graduate of Yeshivas Mir Jerusalem and Beth Medrash Govoha, Rabbi Dessler also holds a Master’s Degree in Education. He is an alumnus of Harvard Graduate School of Education’s Principal Center. A prolific writer, he co-authored Perspectives on the Haggadah, and his articles have appeared in various communal forums. Rabbi Dessler has served as National Convention Chairman of Torah Umesorah and has lectured at Torah Umesorah and Partnership for Excellence in Jewish Education (PEJE) conventions. A member of the National Council of Yeshiva Principals, Rabbi Dessler is actively involved in the Jewish Education Center of Cleveland, the Jewish Federation of Cleveland, and was on the editorial board of Aspen Publisher’s Guide for Private School Administrators.