Rabbi Simcha Dessler

Rabbi Simcha Dessler is Menahel / Educational Director of the Hebrew Academy of Cleveland and directs its multi-faceted programs. An alumnus of the Academy, he continued his education at Telshe Yeshiva, Mirrer Yeshiva in New York and Jerusalem, and Beth Medrash Govoha. Rabbi Dessler holds a master’s degree in education and is a graduate of Harvard Graduate School of Education’s Principals Center. A prolific writer, he is the author of Yalkut Chinuch L’Doros (in Hebrew) and co-author of Perspectives on Haggadah (in English) and his inspirational articles have appeared in scores of local and national communal forums. Rabbi Dessler’s local involvement in Jewish communal endeavors include the Jewish Education Center of Cleveland and the the Jewish Federation of Cleveland. Nationally, Rabbi Dessler is a member of the National Council of Yeshiva Principals, has served as Convention Chairman of Torah Umesorah / National Society of Hebrew Day Schools, and has been featured as lecturer and moderator for Torah Umesorah, the Partnership for Excellence in Jewish Education (PEJE) and the Consortium of Jewish Day Schools. Under Rabbi Dessler’s leadership, the Academy has experienced unprecedented growth and has significantly expanded its enrollment, partnerships, programs, and state-of- the art campuses throughout the spectrum of the renowned institution.