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Better Together Closing Brunch

On Friday, June 9th at the Oakwood Campus, the 7th and 8th grade boys celebrated with residents of Menorah Park and Montefiore, their rebbeim, and administrators as they concluded their year of intergenerational programming as part of the Better Together program.
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Yavne Exhibition of Innovation Fair

This week, Yavne held its first annual Exhibition of Innovation Fair. Mrs. Feigenbaum’s ninth grade STEM class presented engineering prototypes that they had been working on all quarter. All the projects involved programming an Arduino microcontroller, using sensors, wiring electronic components, and constructing the final prototype.
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Treasures Chinese Auction 2017

The community joined together to support HAC at our annual Chinese Auction held Sunday, May 21st at Beatrice J. Stone Yavne High School. The auction featured a public viewing, a Children's Auction and entertainment, and a Night Out for Ladies culminating in the drawing. Thank you to our event coordinators and parent volunteers for all their hard work, and congratulations to all our winners!
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"Making a Difference" Wax Museum a Success!

Utilizing research skills and creativity, our 5th graders designed a “Making a Difference” Wax Museum with the boys depicting people who have made a difference and the girls featuring various types of professions. In costume, students displayed their posters and presented their research to our museum visitors this week.
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Girls Elementary Middos Awards

During our last Middos Assembly which was focused on loving our neighbor as ourselves, Middos Awards were presented to girls in grades 1 - 6 who recieved personalized "I'm a Mentch" certificates. We are proud of our students' growth thanks to our this innovative middos program.
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Yavne Seniors Trip to Columbus

Yavne seniors took a trip to Columbus to attend the School Choice Rally in support of EdChoice which benefits so many of our HAC families. They took a tour of the Ohio Statehouse and met with representatives. Students are pictured with State Senator Williams.
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Auction 2017 is Here!

Treasures, the Hebrew Academy of Cleveland Auction 2017, will be held on Sunday, May 17th at the Beatrice J. Stone Yavne High School. Click on "Donate Now" above to view auction book and make ticket purchases.
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